September 18, 2008

Spring Tones form guide

Spring Tones will soon be upon us so here is a rundown of all the excellent artistes who will be gracing the Tote stage on the day/night of Sunday, October 5.

Tickets on sale now, just $20 + booking fee from The Tote front bar, Polyester, Missing Link, Greville, Corner Box Office tel: 9427 9198 or online.

The famous and free Mistletone vegan BBQ will ride again, in the Tote beer garden from 3pm so come early! the usual meaty Tote BBQ options will also be available.


3pm Doors open
3.45pm Kes (solo)
4.35pm Hi God People
5.20pm The Motifs
6.10 Aleks & the Ramps
7pm Sly Hats
7.50pm Super Melody
8.40pm Always
9.30pm Lucky Dragons


Lucky Dragons are Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara from Los Angeles. Their participatory live shows have been known to result in unbridled communal freak-outs. Mistletone loves Lucky Dragons and recently released their new album Dream Island Laughing Language, described in The Australian thus: “Little gems suddenly catch your ear and provide engaging moments of genuine beauty”… expect many such moments at Spring Tones, along with frenzied pop, trippy digital dreams, handmade and primitive sounds, ecstatic language and folk melodies.


Always is the ever evolving project of Alex Vivian. Wholly based on the element of chance, improvisation, fragments of ideas (wether they be original or stolen from white label techno, ye olde raga, pop songs, cavemen sound effect downloads), Always creates a mess of thoughts that cancel eachother out, compliment and flatten while also serving as a somewhat vocal imitation of electronic and dance music.


Super Melody

Sir, i beg of you –
Unshackle those
Poor, shrunken
Eyes, which
Reflect like twin grey
Mirrors the
Electric coalmine.
Love fast


Sly Hats is the project of Kamerah ‘Hats’ Darling. He has released a string of one-off EPs since forming in mid 2004, followed by debut album ‘Liquorice Night’ on nervous jerkNervous Jerk. Sly Hats have/has been lucky enough to play with some favourites such as Little Wings (US), Calvin Johnson (US), Jens Lekman (Swe), Mt Eerie (US), Kath Bloom (US), Camera Obscura (SCO) The Brunettes (NZ), Micah P. Hinson (US), New Buffalo and Dear Nora (US).


Aleks & the Ramps accidentally formed in 2005.
They perform a hyperactive brand of indie rock with vigour that oscillates between razor sharp proficiency and haphazard fervour.
Sometimes they present themselves in ill-fitting uniforms of suburban sports teams or kitten-worshipping cults, sometimes they just wear whatever.
Regardless of attire, an aleks & the ramps performance is an experience that can be at times psychedelic, frightening, hilarious or primal.
Kinda like a beach boys/sonic youth tribute band from a hypothetical Todd Solondz film, but then again, kinda not…


The Motifs (featuring members of the Crayon Fields, Low-Rise Estate and Summer Cats) play lo-fi pop songs embellished with toy percussion, nostalgic casiotone and sixties girl-group harmonies.

hi god

Hi God People

LIFE IN OUR LAND. THE SPIRIT FLOWS Hello fellow travelers of spaceship earth. My name is Feather Wilson. I started the spirit acres commune back in 82. It was a fine barmy spring when we started making the mud bricks for the main house. Northern New South Wales back then was a quiet hamlet for the old brothers and sisters. We built the place up from mother earth and we thank her for her bountiful delights. I guess you could call the hi-god people our resident groovers. Dion was born at the commune to Anna Spring Blossom and Brian North Star, back in 86. He was a peaceful and enquiring child. Dylan came here as a seven year old, and he and Dion started their music making with flutes in the woods, skipping gently to the seasons. Julian moved here as a twenty six year old ex heroin user. He’s done it tough, but his humour has always got him through. Greg was the last to join us, only eight years ago. He enabled us to enter the computer age with his know how. I remember the days we had playing music as the sun set, as if it was yesterday. The acoustic guitar and bongo marathons would go into the early hours. There we many people involved in these jams, but it was only Dylan, Dion, Greg and Julian that seriously melded with the sun. They’ve been at it ever since, spreading the word – of everlasting joy for all beings. We at the commune are proud of our brothers spreading the karmic mantra of love.


Kes will officially open Spring Tones with one of his magical, stream of musical consciousness solo sets. So make sure you get there early!

DJs on the day will be DJ Swahili and DJ Beaches.

Lots of discounted Mistletone swag on the merch table.

See you there!


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